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BW Home Workout

Body Weight Home Workout

Hello Hello! I'm bringing you a quick Body Weight (BW) Workout you can do at home!

This is one variation of a full body workout you can do in the morning before switching into work mode, on break, or at night! for an extra push you can always add free weights into the exercises if you have them available to you.

Workout Breakdown:

☆ squat + calve raises (2x12)

☆ reverse lunge + kick (2x12)

☆ push-ups (2x10)

☆ spider taps (2x15)

☆ inchworm + shoulder taps (2x10)

☆ full body sit up (2x12)

☆ v in & outs (2x15)

☆ plank (2x45s)

This is meant to be quick so keep in mind the sets are low, you can always swap out the sets/reps - just suggestion. 


enjoy and let me know if you try it out!

Upper Body Part 1

Hamstring/ Calf Stretches

At the end of every workout I make sure I do some type of stretch, and I incorporate these exact stretches before or after every group class

stretches shown: 

☆ straight leg stretch 

☆ center stretch

☆ pretzel stretch (that’s just what I like to call it lol)

☆ supine hamstring stretch 


fun fact: remember to BREATHE when you stretch. a tense body makes a tight body which can lead to injury if pushed too hard. 


suggested stretch length: 15-30 seconds // 2 -3 times 


happy stretching 

TRX Movements Part 1

TRX Movements

Along with weight training, I like to incorporate some suspension training or dedicate my whole workout to suspension training.

I’m using the TRX in my home studio, but I think some gyms have a TRX system available as well. the following are the types of exercises I did!

☆ suspended crunch

☆ suspended pike

☆ suspended crunch into star

I received my TRX Certification back in July and have been using it ever since! Definitely recommend suspension training if you’re looking for a nice switch up from weights but want to feel that FIRE as well!

(forms a lil shaky but that’s what practice is for)

4 Hip Stretches

Now that I don’t dance competitively anymore my flexibility has gone wayyyy down. I’ve found that I have to make stretching more of a priority in order to help my body function to the best of its ability - and in 2021 I made increasing flexibility one of my goals.

One of my weakest flexibility points now is my hips, I can’t even sit without them locking or popping to help with that, I incorporate some of these stretches into my pre/post workout routine:

☆ lunge with back knee up

☆ deep lunge with knee/elbows down

☆ pigeon stretch

☆ butterfly stretch

holding each stretch for about 15 - 30 seconds (sometimes more if it feels good)


happy stretching