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Hamstring/ Calf Stretches

At the end of every workout I make sure I do some type of stretch, and I incorporate these exact stretches before or after every group class

stretches shown: 

☆ straight leg stretch 

☆ center stretch

☆ pretzel stretch (that’s just what I like to call it lol)

☆ supine hamstring stretch 


fun fact: remember to BREATHE when you stretch. a tense body makes a tight body which can lead to injury if pushed too hard. 


suggested stretch length: 15-30 seconds // 2 -3 times 


happy stretching 

TRX Movements Part 1

TRX Movements

Along with weight training, I like to incorporate some suspension training or dedicate my whole workout to suspension training.

I’m using the TRX in my home studio, but I think some gyms have a TRX system available as well. the following are the types of exercises I did!

☆ suspended crunch

☆ suspended pike

☆ suspended crunch into star

I received my TRX Certification back in July and have been using it ever since! Definitely recommend suspension training if you’re looking for a nice switch up from weights but want to feel that FIRE as well!

(forms a lil shaky but that’s what practice is for)

4 Hip Stretches

Now that I don’t dance competitively anymore my flexibility has gone wayyyy down. I’ve found that I have to make stretching more of a priority in order to help my body function to the best of its ability - and in 2021 I made increasing flexibility one of my goals.

One of my weakest flexibility points now is my hips, I can’t even sit without them locking or popping to help with that, I incorporate some of these stretches into my pre/post workout routine:

☆ lunge with back knee up

☆ deep lunge with knee/elbows down

☆ pigeon stretch

☆ butterfly stretch

holding each stretch for about 15 - 30 seconds (sometimes more if it feels good)


happy stretching

Client Spotlight

I've been working with Liz for a couple of weeks now and I'm very proud of the work she’s put in so far!

We’re still working on form and mind-muscle connection, but she takes every cue and correction and applies it instantly - that’s what I LOVE to see!

I’m still getting the hang of recording sessions so bare with me BUT here’s a couple of clips of the push/pull variation I put her through the other night.

☆ DB step-up overhead press

☆ DB bicep curls

☆ DB overhead press

Remember, everyone’s journey starts somewhere and no ones journey is the same. practice makes progress

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