Book Your Online Class

All physical classes are on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Beginning July 2020 all classes will be held online and in-person will begin in August 2020. Due to COVID restrictions registration is required - book your class online to let us know you're coming. Classes are held Monday - Friday with reminders sent out before class.

*NOTE* All in person classes will be 45 mins to allow for proper cleaning between classes. 

Hope you are staying safe and well during this time! 

xoxo Live Inspired! 

  • 6:30 am Monday // 6:30 am Friday

    Duration Varies

  • 5:15 pm Monday

    45 min

  • 6:00 pm Monday

    Duration Varies

  • 4:30 pm Tuesday // 4:30 pm Thursday

    Duration Varies

  • 5:30 pm Tuesday // 5:30 pm Thursday

    Duration Varies

  • 4:30 pm Wednesday

    Duration Varies

  • 5:30 pm Wednesday

    Duration Varies

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