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Rob Wolfe 
Owner of Pro-Active Fitness

My name is Rob Wolfe and I was a trainer in the commercial gym space for over 10 years. During that time I heard countless stories that started off with “I wish I did…” “I should have been more…” or “Now I have to do this instead…” and the list goes on and on.


Too often we are left reacting to the environment and the world around us, and I think that needs to change. 

I started Pro-Active Fitness with the idea of taking action NOW, to prevent something arising LATER. Take control of your life so that you can do the things you want without compromise. Make the choice now so you, your family, and your loved ones can get the best YOU possible.




Here at Live Inspired, we are so excited to be associated with Pro-Active Fitness for all of your Personal Training needs. Please feel free to checkout all of the link and information below!

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What Does Pro-Active Offer?

1 on 1 in-person and remote training with a personal feel to it. 

Assessment/Testing to see where you're at currently. No guessing here!

Fully tailored customized program to help keep you feeling healthy, strong and capable. 

24/7 support to answer any and all questions. 

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