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Art / Craft Overview

Live Inspired started off as JoAnn's favorite phrase and soon turned into a business. She has been a passionate artist for years, now she gets to share this passion with others - along with various craft classes. 

Our goal is to provide one watercolor class or workshop and one craft class a month. We've held single watercolor classes or 4 week workshops with JoAnn Wolfe. 

Each workshop is open to all levels 


Craft Workshops

Craft classes are scheduled throughout the year. These have been a great way to open our space to new people and creative ideas. 

Some craft events are held solely by us but we sometimes partner with other craft artisans. 


We do offer craft events as fundraisers as well! (if interested, contact us for information)


(photo shown is an example from one of our events with Kraft Korner)



We offer watercolor workshops taught by watercolor artist, JoAnn Wolfe. Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media, and Drawing classes are offered during the year -- scheduled and upon request.

We've picked up several students and have made numerous connections. 

All skill levels are welcome from beginner on up. Class sizes are generally small so there is  more 1:1 attention. Bring a friend or meet new ones. Light refreshments, instructions and a little bit of fun sprinkled in.

(photo shown is from a 4 week watercolor workshop in February '19)

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