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meal prep idea | protein + veggies 🦋


hey there! a couple weeks ago when i asked what you’d like to see i got a lot of food/meal prep request (there will be more) so i thought i’d share one of my favorites. if you pay attention to my food stories you’d notice i eat a lot chicken and brussels sprouts so this probably isn’t surprising 😂 and if you’re wondering why i don’t have any carbs(such as rice) it’s because i prefer to cook my carbs the day of so i don’t over cook and waste any.


disclaimer: i normally cook a big pan sheet of veggies but my oven is currently broken so i had to limit the veggies. this is just to get an idea, not actual portion sizes.


☆ to start i grab all of the veggies i want to prep, wash them, and then begin cutting them. for the brussels sprouts i just halved them and cut off the ends, broccoli i cut off the stems


☆ next i seasoned my veggies with a drizzle of olive oil, little bit of salt, pepper, and roasted garlic seasoning


☆ as the veggies cook i season the chicken and start cooking them in the pan with a drizzle of olive oil or avocado oil. i seasoned the chicken with adobo seasoning and pepper.


☆ once everything is cooked to how i like it i place it containers and TA DA!


i typically keep the chicken and veggies in separate containers and just pick and grab whenever i’m on the go!


song: take me home (acoustic) by Bebe Rexha

hope this helps with meal prep ideas✨