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Berry Waffles

Breakfast Time


Gluten Free Protein Waffles

Dare to be a waffle in a world of pancakes! 

I don't know if it is just me, but every time the weekend hits I C R A V E waffles! The old Natasha  would've cringed at the thought of eating this but the new Natasha has found ways to enjoy them and not feel guilty! 

If you want the recipe to how I made this version of a Gluten-Free Protein Waffle read below: 

(disclaimer: this is one variation of a protein, there is a large variety of ways to make a protein waffle)

Gluten-Free Protein Waffles:

☆ 1 scoop protein powder 

☆ 1 cup gluten-free flour (or take oats and crush them into a fine powder)

☆ t tbsp sugar 

☆ 2 tsp baking powder 

☆ 1 egg 

☆ 1 cup almost milk (or any milk of your choosing) 

☆ 2 tbsp olive oil 

waffle maker is from: URBAN OUTFITTERS 

Avocado Toast & Berries

One of my favorite go to’s for either breakfast, lunch, or snack (depending on the day) is some type of avocado toast. This day I just kept it simple with avocado and seasoning, but sometimes I'll get a lil sassy and add a protein on top if I need it.


the deets:

✰ 1 piece of ezekiel bread (sprouted grain)

✰ 1/2 an avocado

✰ sprinkle of Adams “Everything Bagel” seasoning

✰ sprinkle of Adams “Oh My Garlic” seasoning

✰ handful of raspberries and blueberries

enjoy my fellow foodies

avocado toast and berries.jpg

Whole Breakfast

Definitely one of my favorite foodie ideas so far, taste was 12/10 and because of the high protein content it kept me full for a good amount of time! I'm normally not a huge "breakfast person" but I could always go for this. 


the deets:

✰ 1 whole egg

✰ 1 egg white

✰ shredded dairy free cheese (for the eggs)

✰ handful of spinach 

✰ 1 link of chicken sausage 

✰ handful of raspberries 

✰ handful of blueberries 

enjoy my fellow foodies

Power Protein Breakfast 1

A favorite go to breakfast that is packed with protein and can also be bulked up to make more of a "bowl styled" meal!


the deets:

✰ 3 egg whites scrambled

✰ 1/2 cup of red and green peppers 

✰ 1-2 oz of chicken shredded

✰ handful of spinach 

✰ pepper for taste

✰ splash of hot sauce 


enjoy my fellow foodies


Protein Peanut Butter Pancakes

Now I'm more of a waffle girl myself, but when I stumbled upon a picture of this I had to try it!


the deets:

✰ 1 serving of Kodiak pancakes

✰ 1 serving of peanut butter (spread between pancakes)

✰ 1/2 banana 

✰ 1 serving of maple syrup 

Happy eating foodies!!

Brunch Bagel

a foodie so good and easy i just had to share the deets! 
the goodies: 

☆ 1 bagel 
☆ 2 eggs 
☆ shredded cheese 
☆ salt & pepper 

Happy eating foodies!!


Breakfast Taco

Perfect breakfast for when on the go and most ingredients can be prepped ahead of time!


the deets:

✰ wraps

✰ eggs 

✰ bacon

✰ green pepper

✰ avocado

✰ tomato 

✰ cheese 

✰ cilantro

✰ hot sauce

Happy eating foodies!!

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